Our Story

Mamadou Diallo, the man behind the dream, A TALENTLESS INDIVIDUAL DRIVEN BY CURIOSITY PURSUING HIS CALLING (THE BRAND).A WORTHY CALLING? YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS HIS, A MYSTERY TO FIND OUT. Founded Fulani in 2020. His vision was clear: MAKE LUXURY AFFORDABLE.When his dream about making it to professional football did not meet its end, he turned all his energies to streetwear Fashion. But as it turned out, he had been into fashion long before it came to him.
Fulani mission is to  never back down from making luxury affordable. After all, here at Fulani, we believe in accessibility. We believe in Fashion for everybody like us. Mamadou Diallo’s journey took him from wearing shoelaces as a belt because he couldn't afford one to creating this brand, Fulani. And that's why we want to help everyone dress fresh in our designs no matter what.
Currently based in the UK, Fulani is built on the concept of helping you look your best on every occasion and have that unbreakable confidence.In our clothes, you'll be the best version of yourself because it's not just about the look, it's also about the mindset and lifestyle. Fulani purpose is to bring out the best in you.
Here at Fulani, we PURSUE personal growth and financial freedom. We know what it's like to live life on your own terms and never settle for anything less than extraordinary and that's what we want for all our customers. We firmly believe that the world is run by passionate risk takers people and the Fulani family is not one to lack it.We have never been afraid of Big Bold Decisions that make our world better and now it's time for you to make yours! WE ARE UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS , NOT UNIVERSAL. WHEN WE DIG DEEP…THE WORLD IS WEIRD MIGHT AS WELL EMBRACE OUR WEIRDNESS AND UNIQUENESS , EXPLORE OUR GIFTED TALENT AND ACHIEVE OUR  WILDEST DREAMS.